Suggestion: a repertory action of forum discussions


Most of my KBM more complex macros were downloaded from the forum or in many cases, created at my request by extremely kind and generous forum members.

I often revise macros a few months or years after they were created , and find myself searching in the forum for those discussions which prompted the creation or modification of the macro at the time I downloaded it.

Suggestion: it would be nice to have an action which would create a repertory of URL discussions of interest. I am NOT suggesting an action which would search the forum and create a compilation of forum discussions. I am simply suggesting an action which would allow me to repertory those discussions of interest to me in an action within the macro. I could perhaps simply enter the discussion number and the action would create a clickable URL.

Example: yesterday I asked about Popclip , CCStone very kindly suggested an apple script which I incorporated into a macro.

The discussion is located at:
URL: Can KBM trigger a Popclip action?

It would be nice if I could include in the macro, an action in which I would enter the number 11156, which would automatically be converted to the above URL within the list of macro actions (not when I run the macro). The discussion leaves some questions open, which I will surely address in the future when Popclip upgrades.

thanks very much for considering my suggestion

I have a macro that deals with this. It gets all the forum post ref info which I paste into a KM Comments Action, which I add to the downloaded macro. Now that we can script the KM Editor, I plan to fully automate this.

So, for your post, it would generate this:


This macro built in response to this topic/post:

Topic Title: Suggestion: a repertory action of forum discussions

Date: 2018-08-10
Author: ronald


fantastic !