Suggestion: Use key sequences (including modifiers) to trigger macros

The program Typinator allows treating modifiers as 'normal', first-class citizen keys when triggering actions. Some examples:

pf⇧⇧ can trigger an action, such as expansion to 'parietofrontal`.

⇧⇧mods can expand to modifiers.

Modifiers can also be used alone:
⌃⇧⌃⇧ can trigger some action.

This works quite well in practice, and is very fast.



Hey John,

What's the “⇧” character? The up-arrow key?

I can't get it to work...


Shift I imagine

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Interesting. Noted.

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Done for the next version.


Something similar is already possible. Or am I misunderstanding something?

With Typinator, you can tap the command keys in sequences to trigger expansions. Keyboard Maestro currently uses them as modifiers when pressed simultaneously with other keys.

Ah, you mean control first and then shift. Yes, that is useful. I do this with BTT.

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