Syncing between computers BUT enabling different Macros on each

Basically I have a Macbook Pro and a Desktop with a large 4k screen. I have many window management macros and need to have different macros enabled on each computer. So even though the Macros are syncing it is important that their on/off state remains unsynced. Is this possible?

Not really, as far as I know.

You can tell enable/disable a folder of macros on a specific computer but I don’t think you can “not sync macro enabled/disabled state” except if by setting a folder to be enabled or disabled.

I have a very similar arrangement. I have chosen to bracket my Macros using the Mac Name or for a specific screen size, but you could also put the macro for each Mac into separate Macro Groups, so that the Group, and its macros, are only active for specific Mac.

Something like this:

Use Machine Name


If you want to set for more than two Macs, then use a Switch or Case action.

Use Macro Groups

On the Desktop Mac, create/set this Group, and move all Macros for the MBP into this Group:


On the MBP Mac, create a "Desktop Mac Macros" Macro Group, and check the "Disabled on this Mac", and move all of the Desktop Macros into it.


Peter @peternlewis: Feature Request -- Allow us to select the Machine Name for the Mac that the Macro Group is disabled for, OR, better, give us a choice for "Disabled" / "Enabled", and then Machine Name.


I think Macro Groups are going to work great - thanks @JMichaelTX!

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