Syncing KM 6 and 7

I have a Mac Pro running 10.8.5 with KM 6. I have a Macbook Pro running 10.10.5 with KM 7. There is no way to sync macros between these two systems, correct? I can’t/don’t want to upgrade the Mac Pro as it needs to be a very lean and stable production machine (which it is…knock on wood).

According to this thread (Any Issues for Upgrading to Yosemite?) it looks like I should NOT be syncing the two. Is there a way around this that is acceptable? For example if I manually export a macro library or selected macros from from system and import it into the other system?

Would it be best to just delete 7 and run KM 6 on both machines? I don’t know if I’m using any of the new features in 7, my macros are rather basic, mostly mouse movements, key commands, if/thens, and user prompts. Are 7 macros backward compatbile to import into 6? Anything else I need to consider?

I LOVE keyboard maestro, it is a superb piece of software. Keep up the amazing work. No complaints here.

That is correct, no way to automatically sync KM6 and KM7.
I have used sync using DropBox with both KM6 and KM7 (all machines on same ver), and it works extremely well.

KM 7.02 is very stable, and I've had no problems with it.
The ONLY issues I've seen with KM7 (and other apps) is when running under El Capitan. I'm still on Yosemite (10.10.5), and plan to stay there for a few months until all related issues are resolved.

KM7 offers a ton of improvements, new features, and fixes over KM6.
So, I heartily recommend you upgrade to KM7 on all machines.

Good luck!

Yes but KM 7 isn’t compatible with OSX 10.8.5, correct? So would be best option to just run 6 on all machines?

I believe that's correct. KM7 requires 10.10.3+

Sorry, I missed that your MacPro is on 10.8.5.
If you can't upgrade it to Yosemite (my pref), then if you need to be in tight sync with your MBP, then yes, staying on KM6 is your best choice.

But if you rarely need the KM macros on the MacPro to be updated or added to, then you could go without a true sync run KM7 on the MBP, and just use the macro export/import when you really need it.