Tagging Files from the Finder

Using KM it appears I can't access the "Tags" item in the Finder>File menu.

Previously I had a macro working that attached two tags to a selected PDF file thus:
Select “Tags…” in the Menu “File” in Finder
Insert Text “tag1 tag2” by Typing

With the upgrade to Mojave it appears this no long works.
When I checked the first action, "Select Tags" I found that the Tags item no longer appears in the file menu as seen by KM, although of course it's there in the Finder.
I have no reason to suspect this is a problem with my system and so I'm guessing that with the upgrade to Mojave something changed and KM can no longer see the Tag item in the menu.

Any thoughts on the source of the problem and how to overcome it.


This topic might help:

Yes, I have reported this as a bug to Apple, since it is an accessibility failing. But the bug report was promptly marked as a duplicate. I doubt Apple will do anything about it - accessibility is only a buzz word for them when it is something they are crowing about.

Thx. That provided the solution.

I found that the workaround from https://apple.stackexchange.com/a/340880/102297 makes it work:

You have to delete all the favourites. I was at first confused between recently used tags and favourite tags. The favourites are the little dots (by default the colored dots). You can just drag them out of the favourite area, and when all are removed, then the favourites no longer display in the "File Menu", and the "Tags…" entry also becomes available for keyboard navigation again.

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