Things -> Calendar?

Hi there,
I just installed Keyboard Maestro. I'm trying to create a calendar event linked to a task in Things app.

  1. First I select menu via "Items -> Share -> Copy Text" and there should be the title of the text in the clipboard. So I get that and assign it to a variable named "TaskName".

  2. I select "Copy Link" menu and do the similar to assign it to a variable "TaskLink".

  3. And I create a calendar event based on the two variables.

However I don't have the correct values in the variables. And it seems to be a little random.

Do you see any problem here?

I appreciate any advice. Thank you.

There's a macro that might help with that:

but when I literally cmd+c in Things app, it correctly copies the title of the task in the clipboard.
So copying itself isn't a problem, IMO.
It's more like the steps afterwards, but I'm not sure how to debug it.