Tile all floating windows within an application

In my music-making app (Ableton), I use plugins that appear as floating windows - the type you can tab between using Ctrl+F6. I need a macro that tiles all open floating windows.

Here are some (hopefully) helpful things I dug up:

  • I verified that floating windows can indeed be modified using the “Manipulate a Window” action.

  • Windows in this particular app are not seen by Window Information Tool

  • The problems seem to be:
    ** 1. determining the size of each window to determine the move position point for the successor window. Something similar seems to have been accomplished here: Tile all open KM palettes horizontally or vertically.
    ** 2. knowing the total number of open floating windows in the app - which can be probably be done by repeatedly tiling each window until it comes across a window that has the same dimensions as a previously-tiled window. Not perfect but maybe good enough for my needs.