Time tracker with KM, AppleScript an Evernote?

Hi There,
I am looking at using KM and AppleScript to clobber together an automated time tracking thing.
I attached a macro but it isn't working yet. Not sure why?

KM triggers when the focused window title changes
then apple script gets the title
the title is then supposed to append into a notebook in Evernote with a time stamp

I am a newbie at applescript and played around with it. At this point I don't get any errors, but it still isn't appending anything to the evernote note. Timetracker.kmmacros (3.0 KB)

Hey David,

Search for “time track” on the forum, and you’ll find a few things.

In particular:

That may give you some ideas.


Thank you ccstone, but I am looking for a automated tracking system that simply records when I have what app open on OSX, by recording the window titles. The macro you mention opens a window for me to write into what I have been doing (not automated, but needs me to type it)

If you are willing to invest some money, I cannot recommend Timing enough. I think it is a really well made app made specifically for the purpose of tracking usage of apps.

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The below works for me running Evernote 6.7.1 (453574) on macOS 10.11.4.

I moved most of the log entry creation to a single KM Variable, which is read by the AppleScript. This will allow you to easily adjust the log data and form in the KM macro.

I also completely rewrote the AppleScript to streamline and use more standard coding practices (at least the one's I use). Note, one major change is that ONLY one Note is appended if multiple notes are found. It appends to the first Note found.

Please feel free to ask any questions.
Good luck.

###MACRO:   Timetracker (JMichaelTX)

~~~ VER: 1.0    2016-08-29 ~~~

Timetracker (JMichaelTX).kmmacros (4.3 KB)


  • Macro is disabled as uploaded
  • The %TriggerValue% used in the TT__Log% variable is the Title of the new window that triggered the macro.
  • You should review script setup to ensure it has the proper settings for your Evernote account
  • If multiple Notes are found, only the log is appended ONLY to the first Note.

###Example Results in Evernote Note

Awesome! Exactly what I wanted.

I am testing the trial version, but it doesn’t give you a simple chronological view of what happened that day. I also set up JMichaelTX’s macro and that does it. E.g. today I had a long meeting with a client, entertaining them, going out for a meal etc. I didnt remember when exactly I had left the office to record this time. Timing couldn’t really easily give me that information (unless I am missing something) but this time sheet in Evernote did the trick!

Thank you JMIchaelTX - if I was anywhere near you I’d buy you a drink (I live in SE Asia…)


Great! Glad to hear it.
If my post solves your problem/question, please check the "Solved" checkbox at the bottom of my post above so others will know.

Have been using timing for quite a while now and really love it. Thank you for the tip back in 2016. Developer is very responsive and keeps iterating the app which does exactly what I need it to.

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