Trash Folder For Keyboard Maestro - Feature Request Suggestion

As I create more and more Macros, part of the editing process has led me to delete some Macros and delete some Macro Folders. Inevitably I deleted the wrong thing. I was delighted when ⌘Z undid a deletion but it was close, and I was just guessing that that might work. If I had gone on to another task, I would have had to re-write a long complex macro.

Now I find myself afraid to delete macros & groups every time I hover over the minus sign.

A feature request suggestion is to create a recently deleted icon in the bottom task bar :wastebasket: that you could go to see recently deleted, maybe have items older than 30 days delete forever.

I think not everyone would want this feature, having the ability to toggle it on or off in settings might be a good addition as well.

Alternatively, another option would be to send the files/folders to the Mac Trash Folder to be able to retrieve them there.


Or you might just want to consider @DanThomas’s excellent repo utility

Where you can save your macros and restore them even after deletion.

Not the same as trash, I know, but effective.


I agree with @tiffle's suggestion. You can do a backup just before you do any major deleting, and then you're safe. There are instructions for how to restore a macro (or macros), but if you need any help, just post a topic and mention me.

It's also not a bad idea to try restoring a macro before you actually need to do it in a crisis situation, just so you're confident of how to do it.

Personally, I back them up fairly regularly, and I also use GIT to keep previous versions of the backups, to make it even less likely I'll lose something. Because I certainly know the absolute horror that comes when deleting the wrong thing, and not being able to "undo" it. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: