Trigger Arrow Down and Up Keys in Trigger by Name Window

When I’m Alfred search window, instead of taking my hands off the main keys to click the Down Arrow key, I use a KM keyboard shortcut to trigger the Arrow Down key:

Tab down in Alfred
Triggered by any of the following:
The Hot Key ⌘J is pressed
Will execute the following actions:
Type the Down Arrow Keystroke

I was wondering if you could enable your Trigger by Name to allow for this as well?

I create macros so that I don’t have to look down at the keyboard to locate keys or to take my hands off the main keys.

Thanks ahead of time for your feedback.

I'm not sure I understand your question, but all macros are automatically available to "Trigger by Name".

So, just give your arrow key macros a name with unique words/characters.
For me, I'd use:
;ad -- arrow down
;au -- arrow up

In fact, I would probably name them exactly like that. :wink:

But that is too much work for common arrow key movement. So I have the following macros:
⌃J -- arrow down
⌃U -- arrow up

I use these often enough to put them in a global macro group.

Sorry about my above reply. It just hit me as to what you may be asking.
You want to use a KM macro to navigate the Trigger by Macro list, correct?

If so, you're right -- doesn't work now.

I no longer use the KM Trigger by Macro.
I use this macro by @DanThomas, which I like much better:
MACRO: Execute Macro by Name (Spotlight)

It does allow you to use KM macros for navigation.

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Generally you can’t trigger a macro while you are in the Trigger Macro by Name action without destroying the window, since any kind of action could render the macro its listing invalid (for example, if a macro switched windows or applications, or enabled or disabled macros, then the macros its listing would no longer be valid).

So I’m not sure I can do anything with this I’m afraid.

Hey J, thanks for your feedback. Your link to the other Spotlight Macro reminded me that I installed a similar Alfred workflow a while ago, but I stopped using it when Trigger by Name was added to KM. While the Alfred workflow is not as fast as the native KM search, I’m going to start using it because I can navigate the Alfred results without taking my hands off the main keys. I’ve also downloaded Dan’s macro and will take a look at it as well.