Trigger That Tells Me Something When Uploading Is Completed

Do you know a trigger that tells me something when uploading is completed?

I want to create a macro that automatically deletes uploaded files. I tried how to keep monitoring the process image until the upload was completed, but it was too inefficient.

This is because the computer cannot be used during that time because the image is constantly monitoring. And there is also the risk of failing image recognition.

I want to do other tasks while doing abroad.

Keyboard Maestro has no such trigger...

There are some methods to go about this, but more information is required:

If you haven't read this it's worth a couple of minutes of your time.

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Excuse me. I'm an amateur, so I have a lot of mistakes.

I'm trying to upload photos to Amazon Photo. The types of photos are JPEG and TIF files.


And exactly how are you doing this?

  • With a web browser (if so which one)?
  • With other software (if so which one)?

With a web browser (if so which one)?
The service has an application. However, I am using the macro on the website to be bring
to the website finally. (Chrome)

With other software (if so which one)?
I use Shortcat to click on the element of the website. In addition, I do CMD F and search for letters. And I read the highlighted characters with image recognition.

Download this macro and run it to see how it works.

  • Launch Google Chrome.
  • Open a blank tab.
  • Run the macro.

  • For this method to work:
    • Google Chrome cannot be hidden, but it can be in the background.
    • The window you're monitoring must be the front (top) window in Google Chrome.

The point is of course the pause until action.

Google Chrome – Pause Until Ready State of Front Window is TRUE.kmmacros (6.9 KB)
Keyboard Maestro Export

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Thank you for your kind reply. Unfortunately, that macro didn't work in my environment. Because the page is not loading when I'm uploading images. But your macros are very applicable in other situations. I actually use it other actions. I will continue to use that macro. I am very grateful for your careful teaching.

Start with "How do I know when the upload is complete?". Do you see something change on the web page? Does a dialog pop up to tell you? Can you query the web page and get a certain value once done?

Anything using image detection will be problematic if you want to use your computer for other things in the meantime. So, ideally, you want to look for a change in the browser window state (as @ccstone did above) or a certain bit of HTML that you can keep checking the page for.

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As far as I know, only the progress bar is displayed while uploading. When the upload is completed, the bar is gone. And the list of photos will be displayed after uploading.
@ccstone As he pointed out, the site is not loaded on the browser. Also, the display of the window does not change.
It seems to be very difficult for me to look inside the HTML and find the changing behavior. Probably I would like to try and error using the image recognition method.
Thank you for your kind advice.

See this:

Macro: Pause Until Web Page Element Exists [Example]

I'm sure it can be adjusted to pause until the element does NOT exist.

You may be able to use the progress bar as the featured element.