Trigger via notification center message

I’m considering buying Keyboard Maestro, but I’m having trouble making it preform a task.

When application X sends notification Y to the notification center, open a webpage Z.

If this isn’t possible, what app might help me do this?

Many thanks - B

There is no way I know of (short of scanning the screen for an image) to detect a notification. I doubt Apple will make any such API as it is likely considered a security violation.

So it’s three years later, and I wanted to ask this question again, because this is something that would really make my life richer and more fun right now.

As @peternlewis has said, KM does not directly support this.
But it might be possible using AppleScript. See:
AppleScript System Notifications Support (advanced)

I don’t know if this works or not, since I have not tested it.
Good luck!

Do you mean something like this @mattf? Instead of an app (here Snagit), you could also open a web page etc..

A little more specifically, I have an app that sends a ton of notifications to the Notification Center. I’d really like some automated process to look through these notifications for the few I am interested in, then performing an action that would let me know there is something of interest to look at.

What’s the name of this app?

Discord. There is a server I subscribe to that sends a lot of info, only some of which I’m interested in. As far as I can tell, there are no integrations (zapier etc) that can help me. The desktop discord app does send this stream to the Notification Center though.