Trigger via Wacom tablet pen

I've got a macro that works great with an older Apple Optical USE Mouse, but when I switch to a Wacom Tablet and click using the pen, I get no response.

If I use a USB Device Key as the trigger and click once with the Apple mouse, works great. But when I attempt to use the Wacom pen for the click, the trigger only says "Press and Release" (as opposed to "Apple Optical USB Mouse Button 1) and the macro fails to run.

Any work arounds for using a Wacom tablet?


When I click with the pen, "if all of the following are true: (currently false)", changes to (currently true) so KM is clearly getting input from my pen click.

which tablet? Intuos Pro works great.
can you share what you're trying to do.

I don't use USB commands for the Wacom, I use regular ones.

I've only used USB commands for apps like Stream Deck.

I'm using the Intuos pro as well. In Adobe Premiere, I've got a macro that when clicked, based on the pixel color, fires a macro.
This one works:

This one, when I use my Wacom pen to click in "This device key" does not work:

So this one sorta works, not sure why of course.

But not all the time..only sometimes.

If I remove condition of "The mouse button" pressed, it works better, but then the macro is firing too often. I'd like it to only fire when I click.

Any ideas?

hmm, now I see it, same here,
couldn't make it work using just a Pen click.

What you could do is assign one of the Other buttons in the pen to trigger the Shift-Y command in System>Wacom preferences:

Yes, I've thought of that, but I really wanted to be able to click with the pen press.

I ended up getting another tablet that was plug and play, requiring no drivers to work, and it solved the problem. So it most be an issue with the Wacom driver and how KM work with it.

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So I've tried a couple of different plug and play tablets. Each one works, until I install the driver for the tablet. Once I install the driver Keyboard Maestro no longer recognizes it as a "named" device and defaults to the above photo of "press and release". After that happens, KM no longer works. Why don't i just use the tablets without the drivers? Well, without the drivers, I haven't been able to use the tablets with 2 screens. The tablet just stays on one screen till I install the driver. Once I install the driver, KM doesnt work. Can't seem to figure it out.

Anyone have suggestions?

so, it seems like the tablet without drivers acts like a mouse??

btw, there are some macros that change between monitors, tried those?: