Triggers have stopped working

Suddenly and recently, all my KM keyboard triggers have stopped responding even though the macros themselves do what they are supposed to when I trigger them from the KM Editor.

I know it sounds silly, but have you tried restarting the KM Engine?

See Troubleshooting [Keyboard Maestro Wiki].

Right on – thank you. Somehow, all of the “My Macros” category had been disabled in the latest upgrade, I think.

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Upgrades/Updates will definitely not mark macros or macro groups as disabled.

A common cause for confusion in Keyboard Maestro users is misunderstanding the Tick mark disabled/enabled buttons at the bottom of the Macro Groups and Macros columns, or the top right corner of the macro group/macro being edited.

If you have a macro group or macro selected and click the Tick mark disable/enable button at the bottom of the column, it will disable/enable the selected item in that column.

Such a click must have been inadvertent then, because I have used KBM for years and have a ton of macros, many of them AppleScripts or Bash Shell Scripts. Great program.