Triple click at current cursor to select sentence

I am trying to 'emulate' a triple click in an HTML textarea field to select the current sentence.
<Cmd+SHIFT+Right-Arrow> only selects till the end of the line, it disregards wrapping text, so that doesn't work

KM has a step to get the current mouse position, but is there a way to get the current cursor location on the screen ?

How can I create a macro that will triple click at the current location of the cursor (not the mouse position) to select a full sentence.

Hey @macrolide,

Try E ⇢ Select to end of paragrah.


A ⇢ Select to beginning of paragraph.

These are EMACS keybindings that work in most areas of macOS.

Unfortunately there is no reliable method of doing this.

You can't.

But you might be able to make the macro do this:

A) Select a word or two.

B) Use the Click at Found Image to find a thin strip of the System Highlight Color and triple-click.


If by "sentence" you mean paragraph (defined by line breaks), then these standard macOS shortcuts should work.

To select the entire paragraph when the cursor is at any position in the paragraph, you can use these keystrokes:

  • -- make sure cursor is NOT at start of paragraph
  • ⌥↑ -- move to start of paragraph
  • ⇧⌥↓ -- select entire paragraph

Put each of those in a KM Type a Keystroke action.