Trying to Automate Student Notes -- Transferring data from a Google Chrome Web-Form to Microsoft Excel

Hi everyone, I'm brand new to KM and I'm getting SO close to getting my macro to work, but autopopulating fields is really getting the better of me. Basically, I want to 1) extract a list of students from a webpage:

I then open this in Excel and add some fields to it (like Notes).

I then need it to go back to the webpage and click on #1 to open up the Notes for that student.

From there a new tab opens up:

From there I need it to populate these fields in this order. But when I get to steps 2 and 3, my macro says it fails upon attempt (I'm not even sure if #1 is correct.

Here is my attempt with 2 pics. Below that is the code for 1-3 in the HTML.

Thanks for any suggestions!


I noticed that some post videos at times. If it would help to shoot a video to show this in detail, I'd be happy to.

Here is my macro exported.Student All Notes.kmmacros (8.6 KB)

I successfully got this to run ... but I had to resort to more a "click here" on some of those forms. I'm including my latest attempt here.

I still would love any help or feedback if someone has any ideas on how to code those particular forms to populate.


Student All Notes copy.kmmacros (25.7 KB)

Hey Brandon,

This may very well be doable with JavaScript, but Keyboard Maestro's in-browser actions have a very limited context – so an Execute a JavaScript in Google Chrome action is probably the way to go.

And of course you have to know/learn enough JavaScript to get the job done.

BTW -- If you haven't read this it's worth a couple of minutes of your time.

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Sorry for the delayed reply.

I do appreciate your help!

I'm totally new to Javascript, and I do think those forms are indeed Javascript based. What would you suggest is my "quick win" to learn some basic JavaScript to invoke this? Is there an example of using KM for this somewhere? Like a tutorial?

I think I can see the JavaScript code for this page, but I'm not sure where to start to program KM to invoke it.

Also, thanks for your suggestion on getting a better answer in shorter time. Was there something in particular in my response that caused unnecessary churn?


For example, is this JavaScript? This is one of the boxes I want to "choose" a value for: