Trying to Copy multiple fields and paste in excel sheet

So happy to have found KBM but, being new I'm quite lost in trying to build an automation to scrub data from individual fields in webforms in Chrome and then pasting them into the appropriate cell in Excel. Does anyone have any suggestions? Let me detail my current process:
1). I open the webform
2) I double click the field to highlight the text.
3) Press CMD C
4) Press CMD TAB to switch to Excel
5) Select appropriate field and Press CMD V
6) Press TAB to go to next excel field
7) Press CMD TAB to swap applications again back to Chrome
Start the process again.

There are a couple minor cursor movements I haven't included but this is the major gest of what I'm attempting to do.

Did I mention I need to do this for 1400 Contacts? Each with about 10 fields!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

IMO, the best approach is to use both a JavaScript and AppleScript :wink:

  1. Use Execute a JavaScript in Front Browser action to extract the specific form fields you want.
  2. Use Execute an AppleScript action to set the appropriate cells in Excel.

Do you have any experience in using these tools?

If you need more help, we will need:

  1. The URL, or HTML Code, for the web page of interest.
    • URL is best, but if you can't share that, then post the HTML code using the Forum Code Block. Be sure to include at least one <div> level above the form.
  2. Upload an Excel file (zipped) that shows:
    • Blank cells to be filled in
      • Example of the cells properly filled in.

You might search the forum for both JavaScript and Excel.

Also, have you checked to see if the web site offers any type of download of the data?

Thanks for your response JMichael. I have tried to download the information, and they don't have any options to do so. It's really frustrating, but that's the way it goes.