Trying to Improve My "Navigate to Keyboard Maestro Group" Macro

I have many Keyboard Maestro groups, and most often navigate to a group of about 15 of them.

I wrote the macro below (to navigate to the "Scapple Group Palette" Group and made 15 copies (one for each group) and a conflict palette (all with the same trigger). The macro is not very elegant, sometimes works, sometimes not, depending on where my cursor is initially (does not work if the select groups column menu item is greyed out).

I was wondering if there is a better way to achieve the same result.

Thanks in advance for your time and help.

Go To Scapple Palette KBM Group.kmmacros (6.7 KB)

You can use a simple AppleScript to jump to macros and macro groups.

Simply right click on the macro group and select copy as UUID. Then replace the string in the script below with whichever UUID you just copied.

tell application "Keyboard Maestro"
	editMacro "F3D7828F-D79F-4CD1-B488-1C5D21D1DEAA"
end tell

If none of that makes sense just let me know and I can walk you through it. :grin:



Beat me to it. Thanks @cdthomer


Also check out @ccstone's Go-To the Group Specified in the Choose-From Dialog from back in the day, which I've borrowed from a few times. Specifically, the (way over my head) shell script that builds the list of macro groups is where the magic happens.


Works perfectly. Thank you so much!!

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Thanks anyways.

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Thank you. It's a good solution but I prefer an entirely keyboard shortcut based approach as suggested by @cdthomer.

Awesome! Glad to help!

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Another option is to use my Quick Access Macro Editor Palette:

It's designed for Macros, not Groups, but if there was a need for it, I could make it work with Groups also.

I use it as a Menu Bar group, which I mention partway through the description.

Just a thought.


I download the macro and am going over the documentation. Will give you an update.
Thank you VERY much. I am flattered that one of the masters of KM replied to my post !

Get out of here! I'm only a legend in my own mind. :laughing: And if my macro isn't what you need, that's perfectly fine with me. I have a very limited ego.