Turn On/Off Network Filter in Little Snitch

I have a couple of apps that are memory and CPU intensive. When I use them, I only use them and want to shut down as many other apps as possible. I'd like to be able to turn off the Little Snitch network filter when I run the macro to shut down apps and then to turn it on again when I run the macro to enable all the apps I turned off before.

Any ideas?


I use Little Snitch myself, you will not get any real benefit from turning it off. My system says it uses less than 1%CPU and just around 17MB memory!

check activity monitor for other possibilities


Thanks, GreyT.

Good point. I'll just go after the biggest hogs.

Just as well to ignore it… Little Snitch's developer is adamantly opposed to any sort of automation, believing that allowing any way to automate the application is a potential security hole that would allow a malicious app to deactivate it.

There used to be a way to turn off the Network Filter using Keyboard Maestro and scripting an interaction with the preferences window, but not long after I wrote about how to do it, the developer changed the window in a way that makes it basically impossible now.


Thanks, TJ.

No worries. As Palle_GreyT said, it has a very low impact on system resources.

It makes sense to disallow automation, but a better way would be to require a password to change the preferences. Then you could still have automation, you just need to have the password.