Ugh, this should be so simple

I've owned KM for a while, but just started using it extensively.

I've created a macro in Finale that leads me to the dialog box shown. I want the macro to continue by selecting "X Notehead" in the right column, but can't figure out how to tell it to do that and don't know where to look for the answer. I'd appreciate your help.

Screen Shot 2022-03-09 at 9.05.30 AM

I don't have that app installed so can't say for sure, but you may try using one of the "Set Radio Button" actions. If that doesn't work, maybe the "Press a Button" action would work (just depends on if/how Keyboard Maestro recognizes the UI element).

Another idea would be to see if the UI of Finale will allow you to TAB through the options for mouse-free selection. While a bit clunky / not elegant, if that works, you could have Keyboard Maestro tab over the needed number of times until X Notehead is selected in the right column and then hit ENTER.

If none of those ideas work, you might try the "Click at Found Image" action. :man_shrugging:

Some of these ideas were pulled from this old post here in case that's helpful:

This thread may also prove helpful in your quest:

I see three or four ways (some of which may overlap with the previous poster.)

  1. If the app is AppleScript enabled, there may be an AppleScript command to press that button.
  2. If there are menu shortcuts or keyboard keys (eg, down arrow), that select buttons, you could send those keys.
  3. There's an accessibility option which could be turned on that forces radio buttons to accept keyboard keys.
  4. The Mouse Click action in KM could easily solve this by clicking about 100 pixels up and left of the Cancel/OK buttons.

Here's a good way to solve the problem with option #4 above:

It's hard to see what's in the box, but it's basically this:

Screen Shot 2022-03-09 at 1.24.14 PM

The numbers -139 and -157 are my best guess as to how many pixels upwards and leftwards the button is from the upper left corner of that image. You may have to measure and modify them. There are other images and other numbers you could use, but I have extensive experience with Find Image and I'm telling you that using this approach is very probably the best.

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The set radio button actions are ONLY available to the Web Browsers Keyboard Maestro supports...

The macros you cite are for a Web Browser and can't possibly work in Finale.

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I thought that might be the case but figured it was worth a try.