Unable to access some submenu in apps using latest KM version on sonoma


using pro tools with latest KM on osx Sonoma, KM can no longer access certain submenu that used to be able to in OSX Ventura causing some scripts to break.

ventura: I was able to access: Pro tools --- VIEW --- CLIP -- NAME
sonoma: I am only able to access: Pro tools -- VIEW , hover on VIEW in the script editor would not expand into the next submenu.

but what's weird is that on my macbook with sonoma, I am able to access the same view clip submenu, but now another submenu in pro tools is not accessible on my macbook that I can access on this machine. so even though it's not consistent which submenu are not accessible across multiple machines, sonoma appears to break some submenu access for KM.

There are several threads about this topic, I think. You may want to check the post by The Architect at the bottom of this thread:

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