Update all application Triggers, activate / Select Menu macro's

Hi there!

Question. Once every year Adobe will update there whole suit of apps. Lots of fun, but not when I have to update all my macro's and triggers to the new application version. Is there a way to update a specific application in all (selected) macro's? Or maybe in the future :)?


Unfortunately, no. There is currently no easy way to do that.

By default, Keyboard Maestro basis application selection on the path, so as long as the path of the application does not change, then you should have no issue. But if the path is something like “/Applications/Adobe App 2019.app” and it changes each time, then that will be considered a different app (so that you can, for example, have both applications installed with different macros). If the application cannot be fond at that path, Keyboard Maestro will look for the application based on the Bundle ID.

With Keyboard Maestro 9, when selecting an application, you can also select to base the application only on the path, or only on the Bundle ID. If you did the latter, and the path changed, then Keyboard Maestro should not be affected and just use the new path. But if you have both, then confusion may ensue.

Thanks for your quick response. I was already wondering how Bundle ID worked, but thanks for the tip! Unfortunately most of the time we keep two versions on our computer. But on the flip side, example: a macro which uses 'select from menu' will work for both AE 2019 & 2020 using Bundle ID?

But I will gladly pay this small price every year with all the amazing stuff KM offered me :).

I don’t have AE, but for example for InDesign CC 2018, CC 2019 and CC 2020 the bundle ID is the same (com.adobe.InDesign).