Updating Macros for Teams

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Macro Repository Suite: Backup and Version Control for Keyboard Maestro

  1. What are the logistics for using this with a remote repo in a 10-15 person team?
    As I understand it, updating a macro requires the user delete each to-be-updated macro first, right? I have to imagine my team members wouldn't always check to see which macros have changed before doing a git pull.
    I'm hoping I'm getting this wrong because I would love to be able to make changes for team macros and push them to the remote

  2. Can team members make their own private macros that no one else can see or does everyone using the repo have the same shared set?
    My guess is the latter because of how KM works.

It's not really for that purpose. It's just a way to backup your macros in case you need to revert. If someone made a change to a macro and backed it up using my utility, nobody else would ever know unless they did a compare.


Hey Greg,

Team macros can be a bit of a pain...

You can set up a single team macro group and manage that pretty easily.

If you want to get fancy then you really need to use AppleScript to handle:

  • Download updated new repo(s).
  • Delete old groups.
  • Load updated repo.

Deleting is important, because if you don't then new macro groups are created with new UUIDs – and their contained macros will also have new UUIDs (if they are duplicates).