User Input Select Between Macros

I love all the new dropdown options for "Prompt For User Input" in Keyboard Maestro 10.

How do you go about having a drop down selection that triggers macros? This is probably pretty simple but not figuring out how to do this.

I know the conflict pallet lets you do this, and I love that and use it all the times. One of my favorite changes over the way QuicKeys made pallets. I need to run it as part of another macro to set variables.

I can think of two ways.

First, you could enter the names of the macros in the field separated by a vertical bar. That would make it look something like this:

Then you could have either a Switch action following this prompt, to select a macro based on the result of this user selection, or you could straight up execute the macro by the name selected in this box by calling the macro using an AppleScript action call. There are several threads/pages that discuss how to do this, but I'll post one explanation below, in a minute:

...both of my approaches, more or less, are described in that thread.

As for your comment about palettes, since I've never used them, I can't comment.

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This is great, two solutions in typical Keyboard Maestro fashion thank you very much! I did search the forum but I just didn't search properly.

I'm glad you are happy. I just sent you in the right direction, but if you need further help, just ask. I could have written some examples for you, but I'm hoping that just steering someone's rudder in the right direction gets people sailing effectively.

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