User Prompt With List Feature Request – Turn OFF Trim Spaces

The User Prompt with List action removes spaces in the text, like:





Can you provide an option to keep the space character? like the origin text.


Like Do Not Trim.

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I'm inclined to agree with John.

The action even trims non-breaking-spaces.

@John_Chen – you might want to explain your use-case.

Peter is more inclined to pay heed when there's a good case made for adding a feature that will benefit a large number of users – not just one.


Oh, yeah.

If it makes any difference – you can turn off sort and sort by hand if you need to.




In a few cases, I use it to filter the text.

I think it may be easy for you to achieve the option.

I would also like to see the ability to reflect the text exactly as provided. In the interim, I use dividing lines that have no associated value, and have the prompt in a loop where it reappears if the user chose an item with no associated value.

I wish that brilliant idea were mine, but I found it in this thread, where I attempted to give @_jims credit for it, but he thinks he got it elsewhere as well.

But there are many times where I'd prefer empty rows to divider lines, so the option to not trim blanks would be most welcomed.


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This is done for the next version.