Using a Non-Safari, Non-Chrome Browser


I believe so, yes.


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I have made the search for front browser include the configured Apple/Chrome bundle IDs for the next version. Though it also searches for Brave, so it should be irrelevant anyway.

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Hey Peter,

These are the most prominent Chrome-based-browsers other than Google Chrome:


Brave Browser			com.brave.Browser
Google Chrome Canary
Vivaldi					com.vivaldi.Vivaldi

All support Chrome's execute AppleScript command in the same way.

I request that all be included in Keyboard Maestro's Front-Browser actions.

Also – It would be really nice if there was a mechanism for users to add Bundle-ID's to those actions, so new compatible browsers could be added at need instead of waiting for an update to Keyboard Maestro.





Excellent, thanks. Worked beautifully.

Would it be possible to have Chromium matched by default as well? (AppleScriptGoogleChromeBundleID org.chromium.Chromium, BrowserGoogleChromeName Chromium.)


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Hey @Unikitty,

Not presently.

Hey Peter (@peternlewis ) – Let me reiterate my feature-request:

It would be fine if this was an expert preference.

It's inevitable that there will be more Chrome-based browsers, and there are already 7 viable ones – Google Chrome, Google Chrome Canary, Chromium, Brave Browser, Opera, Vivaldi, and Microsoft Edge.

There are also several Webkit-based browsers using the same sdef as Safari.


I saw another thread where @peternlewis promised to add support for Brave browser

but these days I'm using MS Edge browser on Mac for most business purposes, since it's Chromium-based (v77.0.235.5 specifically).

However, this does not appear to be supported for Tokens at all. Even on latest v9, Front Browser reports Safari because I have that running as well (even though it's nowhere near the front), and %ChromeTitle% and URL resolve to "Not Running". Can this Edge support be added please?

Does Microsoft Edge support the same AppleScript dictionary as Google Chrome?

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Looks standard to me based on below, what do you think?

I'm using the more frequently updated Dev build, btw, but I don't see why this part would be different from the main channel release (or nightly Canary ones).

Seems so, yes:

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Then it should work as an alternate browser configured with the Chrome preferences.

Also, it should work in v9 with the FrontBrowser actions.