Using Emojis as Icon for Macros

This is so Cool.

I had no idea that we had the option to choose Emojis as icons for our macros.



I'm holding out for SF Symbols support coming too... (And the Font Awesome free set, but SF Symbols first)

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SF symbols:

Tried this

Oh neat. I installed the current beta they have on that site. It has the option to Copy Image when you right-click an image. However that image isn't ready for pasting into a Keyboard Maestro Icon. It has a transparent background and KM won't let you paste that.

Attached macro will copy the currently selected symbol in SF Symbols, apply a white background to it and put it back on the system clipboard. You can then paste it into KM. No image editing needed. The SF Symbols beta lets you change the the color of the symbol in app and that copies across. (I didn't test what happens in dark mode, you might need to adjust the background color that's applied).

The keystroke to copy the current symbol as an image in SF Symbols is cmd+option C. This conflicted with Alfred's clipboard history on my machine. I tried using the menu selector action in KM instead but that didn't seem to work (using the menu directly manually also didn't work). I ended up adjusting Alfred's clipboard history and sending the keystroke.

Copy SF Symbol Apply Background.kmmacros (24.1 KB)

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