Using KM to help populate a web page form with Filemaker record data

Gear - Mac - Keyboard Maestro v9.xx Filemaker client v16 - 17 - or 18 with FMS v18

Hi all,

I am curious if there is away to use FileMaker record data and a filemaker web viewer (or just a browser like safari - firefox - chrome etc.) - to be able to populate a particular web pages form fields from FileMaker field Data?


Filemaker record:

Firstname: Joe
Lastname: Smith
Zip: 90210

Let's say that we know the actual field names on the web page like:

Web page Fields


Is there some way with filemaker scripting - or javascript and keyboard maestro to be able to auto fill the web form fields using the filemaker record data?

Hi - I am still curious if there is any way that Keyboard Maestro can help with this process...

No idea if filemaker data can be accessed directly from KM. Possibly it can be with AppleScript. In the meantime, can you export the filemaker data to CSV data? Sending CSV data to the webpage is pretty simple.