Utilizing an Automator Workflow on a Designated File in the Finder


I am trying to convert .heic images to jpeg's automatically.

I have made this automator script, however, i can't get Keyboard Maestro to get it to find the selected files.

How do i solve that issue?

(I've attached the workflow, (sorry, but in zip))

from_heic_to_jpg.workflow.zip (82.7 KB)

Hi @JensBay, please save your Automator workflow into a folder and link to it in the following KM macro Then simply select the image and start the KM macro:

Heic to jpg <9FFA 201113T170810>.kmmacros (19,2 KB)

Thanks, however, my issue is not running the script, it is to keyboard maestro to set selected item in finder, so i can run it by a path.

@JensBay I do not know if I understand this correctly?

If I have created an Automator workflow, I save it in the document folder.
Then I select the path as follows:

The Keyboard Maestro action will then execute my Automator workflow.

@appleianer Sorry, ill try again.

The automator workflow, is currently able to duplicate and convert a file. However, the workflow takes “Get Selected Finder Items” and i want to set that in Keyboard Maestro - or in automator.

As far i see your macro, it still has the same requirement. I want to avoid that requirement and be able to set selected finder items by path

Hey @JensBay,

You haven't given us any information about what you want to select in the Finder.

In the front window?

By name?

By file extension?


If you haven't read this it's worth a couple of minutes of your time.

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Hey @ccstone,

Good question, should have been more specific about it.

I want to set the selected file in finder by path. So the automator script is able to duplicate items i select(by clicking), however, i want the script to run regardless of clicks. Does that specify it sufficiently?

[About the articile]
A bit philosophical maybe, but explainging the case is always subject, and, in my opinion i tried to make it obvious, however i can see now that i did not explain my use case sufficently.

Nyet...  :sunglasses:

It looks like you want the Macro to select a given file by its Path, and this path is known in advance and incorporated into the macro.

But -- you also want the Macro to accept any other files that are selected in the Finder.

Or -- do you want a selection in the Finder to override your preset path?


Good question - The file path is incorperated, so the finder should select according to the predefined path, and override/change the selcted file to the file path.

Try this.


Run Automator Workflow on a Pre-Selected File in the Finder.kmmacros (7.3 KB)

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Thank you very much @ccstone, it works!

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