v7.02 · Added Execute Macro to Keyboard Maestro action list category

@peternlewis I found in the v7.02 changelog: »Added Execute Macro to Keyboard Maestro action list category«
Is it possible to explain this new feature?

Perhaps it's the categorisation that is new rather than the execute macro action ?

If you look at the macros which resize and position windows in this library:

you will see that each of the keyboard assigned macros executes one or more shared 'library' macros to calculate a value (e.g. the index of the next grid position) or carry out an action (size and position the window)

The Execute Macro action previously was only in the Execute category and the Control Flow category (since it is basically a subroutine). This change simply added it also to the Keyboard Maestro category which contains actions for controlling Keyboard Maestro.

It’s just the categories that it appears in that change, nothing about the action changed per se.

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