Variable within a Named Clipboard not showing value correctly

I set variable from an excel spreadsheet and in another Macro I have a Paste from Named Clipboard action. This named clipboard has a message that includes the excel variable. The variable in the Macro is set as %ExcelSheetData% and in the message I also input %ExcelSheetData% but when it runs it just prints this without picking up the variable. It's strange as within the Variables tab within 'Preferences: Variables' I can see the value is set correctly. But I can't get the message in the 'Preferences: Clipboard' to pick it up correctly. Any ideas? I guess it's very basic :wink:

It is hard to understand exactly how you have designed the Macro. It would be best to upload your macro .

Also, unless you need to store images, rich text, or other complex objects, there is little need for Named Clipboards. It is usually better to store plain text as a Global Variable.

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Thanks I got it working by setting the variable and adding the message within the variable itself, as opposed to doing the clipboard route as you suggested. Thanks again