Vimac App - control macOS UI with the keyboard only

Works perfectly under macOS Catalina for me. Works perfectly under macOS Catalina for me.


Looks good especially as I'm already a heavy user of vimium in Chrome :smiley:
I would like to add a menu search to make it even better:

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A dream would be @FroZen_X, if you could use Vimac to control a Keyboard Maestro palette and its sub-palettes via the keyboard :wink:


I already kind of do it. Far fetched, but I have one shortcut that I always use which is "hyper+f". This combined with macro groups per app and setting numbers with the palette organizer from @DanThomas is just amazing :smiley:

In general I try to use my mouse as little as possible.

Edit1: Using one shortcut for every macro in a group automatically creates a palette.

thx @appleianer, what a super cool I have something to play after 2 weeks cooped up on my NYC apartment... :slight_smile:



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I also use this with the first letters of the macros:

Unfortunately, it is not possible to access sub-palettes and then control them via the keyboard (first letter or number).
For this purpose the cursor is necessary again @FroZen_X :pleading_face:

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Here in Germany it's the same... plenty of time to think up new macros @zeltak :wink: