VoiceOver to announce a few words when I press a shortcut


I am a blind Keyboard Maestro user.

I would like VoiceOver to announce a few words when I press a shortcut.

For example:

  • Dekay (D), VoiceOver announces "Dekay"

  • Dekay Decrement (control + D), VoiceOver announces the calculated value "63"

  • Same for Dekay Increment (option D)

Could you maybe integrate it natively with Keyboard Maestro? This software is perfect for giving blind people a little more autonomy!

Thanks to peternlewis for his help!

Here is the link to my first topic:

Thank you in advance for the help you could give me!



I thought using the Speak Text action to say the %TriggerValue% would do it but that just speaks the alphanumeric key pressed, not the modifiers.

%Variable%Trigger% doesn't contain the right value and %TriggerBase% just tells you what kind of trigger was used (a hot key in my case of Control-Shift-D).

Of course, you could alway just speak the trigger independently ("Shift Control D" in my case) and that works.

If macros were created to only operate within a specific application, would the Execute An AppleScript action be sufficient? For example,

say "Control D"


Yes, that image shows Control-D being simulated when Control-D is pressed, but that's to ensure the standard command for that shortcut is executed. And saying the command with AppleScript is almost certainly slower than with VoiceOver but maybe it's fast enough.

(the question was not to announce the triggers...)

Glad if KM is useful for you.
your problem has simple solutions:

In each of your three macros you have to insert a speak text action.

this one announces the word "Dekay"
Speak Text Action (v9.0.6)

Speak Text.kmactions (471 B)

The next one will announce the value of the variable you want. If you have not changed the name of the variable that Peter suggested in the other thread you just have to insert this action in your Increase and decrease macros to make it work.

Speak Text Action (v9.0.6)

Speak Text.kmactions (490 B)

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Good evening,

Thank you for your sharing and your explanations! It works perfectly.

It gave me a better understanding of how to reproduce it.

Best Regards,