Want to use Keyboard Maestro to select drop down menu in Finder when I'm trying to Save Video As

I'm trying to save a video on Chrome. The finder window pops up allowing me to pick my location. want know if there's is a way to access drop down menus in Finder without using "Move or click Mouse" since the folder location can change constantly in the drop down menu.

The menu is titled as Where: but when I try to use the "select or show menu item" action, KM doesn't respond

You can send Shift-Command-G, which should drop down a path window into which you can have KM type the path.


Thanks for replying :slight_smile: How do I have KM type the path. Should I use something like this? How Do I use the "Press a Button" Action?

Have KM send Shift-Command-G, then you can just insert text (or a variable) by typing or pasting. Here's how it looks in my MacroBackerUpper macro:

Group.kmactions (6.2 KB)

That's not a full macro, of course, but it shows how it fills in a filename in the Save dialog, then brings up the path prompt, fills it in, and makes sure it's gone before proceeding.


Thank you so much! Would you mind telling me how you made the Backup file name in your macro into a variable?

If I understand the question, this is all I did:


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Thank you so much for your help! It worked :heart: