What is Best Video for KM Introduction?

What is Best Video for KM Introduction?

I'm looking for a recent video (based on KM Ver 7) that I can use to give to users who have never heard of, or know little about, KM. In particular, I'd like something that my fellow Evernote users would find helpful.

I've searched the YouTube videos, found lots of hits, but nothing based on Ver 7 that is introductory material.
The KM home page has a nice video, but it is about new features in Ver 7, and not general enough, IMO, for brand new users.

I guess I'm looking for a short video that can introduce potential new users to:

  1. Scope of KM
  2. Ease of use of KM
  3. Tremendous support provided right here in this forum

Did I overlook it?

Did you see this topic: YouTube suggestions please?

And I presume you searched YouTube?

Yes, but:

All of the KM Intro videos I have found are using KM6. I was hoping to find one that is using KM7, since there are so many great new features in it. But maybe KM6 is good enough for an intro.

@JMichaelTX: I have discovered that if nothing shows up in a search one day, try again the next day. Oddly sometimes result will change dramatically. I also find using Google to search Youtube more effective. I use the site: command to restrict the search to YouTube. As in:

site:Youtube.com keyboard maestro 7

Thanks for the suggestion. I tried your site: search, and I’ll keep on trying. But so far, still haven’t found a great, intro, overview video.

There are lots of KM videos at there. The challenge is finding the so-called “best” one.
Most of them drill down into details immediately.

What I’m looking for is a video that will give an overview of KM capabilities first, probably using already built macros. Then, follow-on videos can provide details of how to build various macros.

All suggestions much appreciated.

https://youtu.be/Z6t9YezDGRQ Excuse me, I do not know exactly whether you are looking for something like that I am only at the beginning and will create more tutorials on Keyboard Maestro. Unfortunately, all in German, as I was not exactly the most hardworking he was in school, as for English :upside_down_face:

Please feel free to continue creating KM tutorial videos in your native (or chosen) language. I’m sure there will be many who speak that language that will benefit. I’d just suggest that you clearly identify the language of the video.

As you develop new videos, and are ready to publish them, please do so in a new topic here. We are considering new KM Forum Categories that would include a Category dedicated to tutorials (name TBD). If we do so, then we will move your topics to this new Category (sub-forum).

For now, please TAG your topics with “video” and “tutorial”.

Thanks for your contributions.

I would still like to do one or more of these videos. I just don’t have a handle on what subjects to cover.

Many thanks for the answer @JMichaelTX. I like to contribute something to the widening of Keyboard Maestro. I’m excited every day how I can simplify my workflow with the Mac’s :grinning:

Have there also no concept @DanThomas. I create my tutorials according to my daily workflow and I think it can certainly help some users. Maybe there is someone who can tell me how to improve it.

I have only been with KM for a year and therefore still a beginner :wink:

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Well even Deutch is helpful when using the Closed Captioning and setting the language to English but I have to admit some of the translations don’t make sense but most could probably figure out the meaning. :wink:

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Here is an fantastic intro video from William Gallagher:

Very well done!

He shows the tip of the iceberg in an entertaining way.


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