What is causing the unpredictability/unreliability of this macro?

This macro very rarely, if ever, works all the way through like it should. The fact that it does at all has me puzzled as to what is causing the unpredictability. Is there a better or smoother way to make this happen that I am missing? I've tried tinkering with the Pauses and both longer and shorter pauses only seems to make it even more erratic

I'll post related screenshots below plus the corresponding macro and just let me know if I left anything out or any other information you need:

First I press this key combo (first screenshot) to activate the keyboard switcher and then it executes another key combo that readies the group in the second screenshot:

Then I press CMD-0 to launch into this Macro which is the unreliable part of the equation. If I'm trying to paste a list of 6 or 7 items, it usually skips over anywhere from 1 to half of them:

ClipboardHistory0.kmmacros (5.6 KB)

Thanks for posting your macro. That is a big help to us in analyzing your issue.
However, we also need a clear statement of:

  • The objective and end result of your workflow.
  • Steps of your workflow, if done manually (without using any automation).


It’s a daily task that involves copying a list of items from a website admin screen into a plain .txt file, for example if I log in to the website admin and the list for that day is:


I can’t just copy the whole list because of the way the admin of the website is setup, so I have to double click on each one to quickly highlight it then CMD-C to copy it to the clipboard then ditto for the rest of the list. Now I have a list of these six items in my clipboard, then I would have to open the .txt file and launch the KM Clipboard History then scroll down to the 6th item then hit enter then repeat that process 5 more times.

This macro was supposed to allow me to speed this up since it’s such a repetitive daily task but it only seems to work for a few of the items in the list, skipping randomly over different ones each day that I can’t find any rhyme or reason for.

As a quick test I just practiced on the exact list of Example1-6 that I posted above and the first time it pasted the first 2 then skipped the last four, so I erased the text file and did it again and that time it pasted the first one, then skipped two then pasted the last three, so it just seems completely random when or if it decides to work…

OK, thanks for posting these details. That help a lot.

See if this macro will work for you.
It just provides the basics, but should get you started.
You can then further enhance as needed.

Please feel free to follow-up with any questions/issues you have about this.

example Results

##Macro Library   Save Multiple Text Items on Clipboard to File @Example

<a class="attachment" href="/uploads/default/original/2X/2/2fd8f4099adbba73cc4341e99ecc157b19a8acfb.kmmacros">Save Multiple Text Items on Clipboard to File @Example.kmmacros</a> (6.6 KB)



1. COPY text items to Clipboard in the order you want them.
2. Trigger this macro.


1. If this basic process works, you could add Actions to detect the START of the process to copy items to Clipboard, and therefore calculate the SMT__Num_Items Variable.


<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/b/bd854de08e9b98fc1f794d36f6e75ddc601f06f7.png" width="544" height="1662">
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Perfect, thank you so much for this JMichael!

Great! Glad to hear it.

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