Where does KM store macros?

I've had a hardware meltdown, and now have to insert backed up data (thankfully complete, though cumbersome) into the appropriate slots where my various apps can find them.

Where does KM store macros?

Once I find them, I presume I should paste them into the same folder hierarchy on my new machine, though it's running Sonoma instead of Ventura?

Many thanks!

Try reading this page, and if you still have questions, feel free to ask.

Many thanks, Airy! Will do.

I simply replaced the versions of the files you so kindly pointed out to me, which were installed automatically by KM, with my own files, and voilà! KM works just as it should.

That's good to hear, because I just installed my new M3 iMac yesterday, and I need to transfer my macros too. However I started off differently, by exporting my KM groups into folders, and I plan to import them. I guess if I do that I will lose some things like my variable values and named clipboard contents.

You clearly did it the right way, with proper forethought — and no doubt a far more sophisticated setup than mine. I on the other hand was reacting in semi-panic to the theft of my computer. So overall I feel pretty good that copying and pasting returned me to my original KM setup.