Which last step get TTL &URL for FireFox (from JMichaelTX)?

Source: JMichaelTX's macro ( Get the Browser Page Title & URL for Safari, Chrome, or FireFox )

Send1f to general webinput_2015 FFOX only.kmmacros (17 KB)

The last step should be to paste the clipboard into a textfile.

Screenshot 2024-06-04 at 18.36.57

Hopefully there is a solution for this problem,

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This Keyboard Maestro Macro (use the green code button to download)

copies Page Title and URL from Firefox, other browsers, and several other macOS apps.

The key point being, in relation to Keyboard Maestro Web Browser Tokens, that FireFox doesn't provide the osascript interface which they require.

Uploaded the resulting macro to the Macro Library category:

Send to general webinput_file for Firefox only Macro (v11.0.2) - Macro Library