Wiki Update: Execute AppleScript Action

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Execute AppleScript Action

Primary Changes:

  1. Add screenshots
  2. Add Setup Options table
  3. Correct script for dialogs

Looks good. I added "immediately" to the asynchronous comment to hopefully make it clearer that the macro continues immediately without waiting for the script to finish.

Does the set myVar to do shell script "echo $KMVAR_My_KM_Variable" technique work with international characters?

Do you mean unicode characters?
I don't know for sure (I didn't write that statement), but I would guess so. Easy enough to test... :wink:

6 posts were merged into an existing topic: KM shell and diacritic variable names / values

@alain and @ccstone, as you can see, I have moved your discussion about diacritic variable names to the topic by the same name:
KM shell and diacritic variable names / values

@peternlewis, @ccstone: At this time I don't see a need to make any further changes to the Wiki for Execute AppleScript Action. If either of you do, of course you can do so.