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File Actions

Primary Changes:

  1. Complete rewrite of Move and/or Rename Section
  2. Add table of operations
  3. Add screenshots

@peternlewis, the "Move" option has confusing terminology.
Can any of this be corrected?

This option really should be "Move and/or Rename", if you don't want to split it out into three separate variants of this one huge multi-variant Action.


  1. It starts with the popup that shows ONLY "Move"
  2. The Action Name is then set to "Move or Rename"
    • At a minimum this should be "Move and/or Rename"

If we had three separate choices in the popup ("Move", "Rename", "Move and Rename") I think you could offer better error detection, maybe even in the KM Editor, but most of all greatly improved clarity for the end user.

I see a lot of confusion about this Action in the forum.