Will There Be Major Version of Keyboard Maestro Soon?

Just wondering if the next major release will go out soon. Hate to buy a licence for v9 when v10 is around the corner. I believe going by prev upgrades new versions are released every 24 months and it due now.

Nothing has been said about version 10 or when it might be released.

Well… yes and no.

Version 9 was released on 13 August 2019 so it was just barely over 18 months ago.

Quoting that same page:

Customers who purchased Keyboard Maestro directly from us after February 1, 2019 have been issued a free upgrade to Keyboard Maestro 9.

So basically anyone who bought Keyboard Maestro 8 within 6 months of Keyboard Maestro 9 coming out got a free upgrade.

Version 8 came out on 19 September 2017 with this offer:

Customers who purchased Keyboard Maestro directly from us after March 1, 2017 have been issued a free upgrade to Keyboard Maestro 8.

Again, if you bought within 6 months of the release, you got a free update.

Keyboard Maestro 7.0 was released 22 July 2015 with this offer:

Customers who purchased Keyboard Maestro directly from us after January 1, 2015 have been issued a free upgrade to Keyboard Maestro 7…

Almost 7 months for a free upgrade.

So generally in the past 6 years there have been new versions about every 2 years, and they have come out in the second-half of the year.

It’s reasonable to suspect that version 10 might follow that pattern, but then again we’ve had a global pandemic for the past ~12 months and I’m not sure what effect that might have had on the development process (if any).

If you buy a license for version 9 today and version 10 comes out in the next 6 months, chances are very good that you’ll get a free upgrade. But even if you don’t, you’ll get a discount aka “upgrade price” — unlike the Mac App Store where you’d have to pay full price for a new version.


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TJ's got this covered, but I'll add one comment.

Keyboard Maestro's price is $36.00 USD.

This is incredibly inexpensive for what Keyboard Maestro does, and how much time/effort it saves its users.

I believe the upgrade price is $25.00 USD.

$36.00 + $25.00 = $61.00

Even if in the very unlikely event you were to pay both the normal fee and the upgrade fee Keyboard Maestro would still pay for itself many times over in no time.

So there's not much upside to waiting.


  • Buy Keyboard Maestro..
  • Buy it now
  • Buy every upgrade

There will never be a moment where it was not worth it.


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Bestest $36 ever.


Could not agree more :+1:


That is the key to Keyboard Maestro happyness. Get it, update it, use it.


Yeah, as you guys now I have a very small number of macros. Including expansions about 70. However I use the ones I have all the time and consider Keyboard Maestro dirt cheap. I would quite happily pay full price every major upgrade. It really is the best bang for you buck of any app I have ever used outside native ones. By a long shot too. Apps remain, in general cheaper than I really think they should be frankly anyway.


My reply to TJ was really meant for you! I won't repeat it.

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I would also chime in to say that this is by far the best investment for my mac.
Also has a 10-seat license for my workplace, which I upgrade almost as soon as the upgrade is out.


Smartest post ive ever seen on the internet.


This is sophisticated enough technology for it to be worthwhile getting familiar with it as early as possible. And the only really good way is to install and get using it.

As others have said, it's excellent value.


I'm not a heavy user but for the ones I am using, I am using daily! well worthy it anytime. I wish there is an option to buy with unlimited upgrades. :grinning:


I am sure @peternlewis would continue to develop Keyboard Maestro forever whatever - but I’d rather he was able to make some profit out of it going forward. Unlimited upgrades would mean @peternlewis eventually working for free. Also, previous versions of Keyboard Maestro still work so, there is no compulsion to upgrade to the latest version.

In my case, Keyboard Maestro is an essential part of my whole Mac experience. I am very happy that @peternlewis is continuing to develop it and very happy to support this with the relatively small price of each upgrade. It is also worth pointing out that each upgrade brings great new features (many of which are in response to requests made on this Forum). So, @peternlewis not only continues to develop the App but also actively engages with the users of his App.


Yes. One wonders whether @peternlewis might as well go subscription. I know he doesn't like this idea but more and more apps seem to be doing it and of all the ones I use this one has the most justification to do so in my view.
It really is, arguably, underpriced. In my view it is and my guess is that it needs a lot of work to maintain? I would hate to see it neglected due to financial considerations.


yes, I've even proposed that (subscription pricing), since it's currently very underpriced. I've paid x10 times that amount for way less useful software (looking at you Omnigraffle).

@Zabobon are you using a GPT-3 bot? looks like you added way too much Peternlewis occurrences.


Of course needs to charge much higher premium for this case. I guess it is hard to determine the price. The flip side is that author will get more payment upfront.

Well, I thought he deserves a lot of mentions - even in one post :smiling_face:


Yes, I've come around to thinking subscription actually is very good in some cases. It all depends on getting the pricing right. I think the TextExpander subscription plan is too expensive for individuals for what it does (maybe used in an enterprise environment it is okay).

I resisted Adobe CC subscription for ages but now I really like it. In my case, Adobe software is essential to my work and I like them bringing out frequent updates and bug fixes. And I like having access to their whole suite of software as and when I need it.

I assume @peternlewis is happy with the way he prices and upgrades his software so, I don't see the need for a change. But if it ever changed to subscription I'd support that and sign up as I get so much daily use out of Keyboard Maestro.


Yep, this is 100% good advice. Keyboard Maestro is a steal and an auto-upgrade. I don’t even look at the features in a new release; I know they’ll be useful someday. And even they’re not, it’s a great way to say thanks to Peter, the developer.