XPath problem, click link Safari


First time user here, trying to get a macro that clicks on a (different spelled each time) hyperlink on a web page. Im trying to not have to mouse over and click it and therefore trying to solve it by using "Click Safari link". Problem is that the XPath looks different depending on the different attachments each time so the macro only works for the XPath targeted file. I've tried using only
//*[@id="frigg_quiz_page_repeater_ so that the macro would click on the hyperlink even tough its different all the time but that doesn't work.

Click on image also doesn't work since the links name is a sound file that people upload, which has a different name each time.

Anyone know how or if this is possible?

This is examples on how the XPath differs from different sound files.




XPaths can be tricky and hard to compose. I generally prefer using the JavaScript querySelector. In both cases I would need to see the URL of the page, or the HTML code widely around the target link..

If you can't post the URL, please post the HTML code using the Forum Code Block, with "html" as the language.