Youtube ad skipper, again

Finally I decide to give this a go, and it turns out, page element detection or OCR is not needed at all. All one needs is blindly clicking that "skip ads" button no matter if it is there. It is even faster because the button could be even clicked when it is not visible...

YouTube ad skipper.kmmacros (6.3 KB)


Try YouTube red…it worth it in my opinion…

If I could buy just no-ads, I would. But I don't want the music, and that makes the subscription quite expensive for something I have no need of.

I understand but remember you can have up to 5 family member to use it too.
So it is like few $ /person every month.

I am happy with the Vinegar extension. One-time purchase, works well.

Paying for any Google product is a hard no no for me. :cowboy_hat_face:


There are tons of extensions that do this for free. I haven’t seen a YouTube ad on my Mac in years.

Which one do you use?

Ublock Origin.

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