AirTurn QUAD200 (Bluetooth Foot Pedal) as Keyboard Maestro trigger?

I had an idea that I might want to try a foot pedal with Keyboard Maestro, and went looking for a Bluetooth one on Amazon.

I found the AirTurn QUAD200 Silent Bluetooth Pedal Page Turner Media App Control Foot Pedal which has 4 pedals, and I assume that Keyboard Maestro might be able to use it as a trigger, but it’s pretty much impossible to tell without buying it and testing it out.

Unfortunately, for some reason the product is marked as “Non Returnable” for Amazon¹. At $120, it's a bit much to buy on a gamble, as I would have no other use for it if it did not work for my desired purpose.

¹ (which doesn’t even seem like something that should be allowed, presuming that the item is returned in “like new” condition within a reasonable amount of time… but we have almost no consumer protections in the USA, so :man_shrugging:)

So I wondered if anyone had any experiences with this device or others like it.

A google search did not turn up anything even remotely relevant.

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there was a thread about AirTurn pedals recently:

and there's one about X-keys ones: