Best Advice & Resources for Learning Keyboard Maestro Thoroughly

I have owned Keyboard Maestro for years, and It is high time I learn this amazing app!

I would love some advice on some resources you might recommend (videos especially) as well as some best practices or "essentials" to the app that would for sure want new users to know right off the bat.

Thanks so much!

That are some links I can highly recommend - I worked through that - and still am - it helped so much


Thanks @John!

Much appreciated. Look forward to digging in. Thanks for getting me started.


I got a lot out of this set of KM tutorials from this Youtube playlist.

This is great for the absolute beginners! I watch it all when I startet and it helped a lot

Hey Guys,

Those vids aren't bad at all, but in my opinion Ez Buttons begins with one serious mistake.

He recommends that you delete all the macros that come with Keyboard Maestro.

Keyboard Maestro is very complex, and it's a good idea to deconstruct existing macros when you're first learning how to use it.

So – I recommend that you disable Keyboard Maestro's stock macros – and then carefully look at them for clues about what Keyboard Maestro can do.

If you like any given macro you can reenable it and change the trigger to suit yourself (if desired).

In the process you'll learn a lot.


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Totally agree!

I know that this is an old thread, but David Sparks just released an amazing course on Keyboard Maestro. I am sure it has already been mentioned here, but I thought it was relevant to this thread.

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