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Just added this great macro by Chris (@ccstone).

Just added this great macro/script by @Tom.


###New Category: Palettes
Hey guys, I have updated the main topic post to ADD a new category: Palettes

I am not really qualified to pick macros for this category, so we really need your help. I have made a draft list to get us started, but please feel free to edit / add / delete based on your knowledge and experience with a given macro.

Note that some macros may fall into multiple categories. If so, just copy the macro entry into each category. For example, I copied two macros by @DanThomas from the "Keyboard Maestro Tools" category to the new "Palettes" category.

Thanks for your help.

Just added a new Category and a great macro by @mrpasini.

Just added this excellent macro by @gglick


Hey guys, I just added a new category for Windows. As a result I added some new macros and moved some others.

Please take a look at these, and if you have any really good macros for the Windows category please add them.

There are also a couple of great macros by @mrpasini that have been added.

Just added this macro to the list.

Just added a new section, "Mini-Apps", and its first entry.

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Just added the above macro.

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Added the above macros.

Just added this great macro from 2017 to the Best Macro List.


The OP, lead post in this thread makes the this request:

However, when clicking the link above, "View List of Example Macros", it results in:

Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.


Could someone please fix either the link or the invitation to use it? Thanks.

It works fine for me with Google Chrome 98.0.4758.102...

Interesting - I got the same error. But when I expanded the reference in his post, it worked.

Hey Guys,

Try this:

Topics tagged example

I changed “tags” to the canonical “tag” in the link in post #1.


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Tagging moderators: @peternlewis @ccstone and @DanThomas...

I wanted to update Jim's post with the following entry under Keyboard Maestro Tools:

But it won't let me because it says "Sorry, you can only mention 10 users in a post." I feel like it would make a great addition. If y'all are in agreement, is there anyway one of y'all could add that bit into the post?

Thanks for considering!



I have doubled that limit.


Great, thank you Peter!