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Just added this great macro by Chris (@ccstone).


Just added this great macro/script by @Tom.


###New Category: Palettes
Hey guys, I have updated the main topic post to ADD a new category: Palettes

I am not really qualified to pick macros for this category, so we really need your help. I have made a draft list to get us started, but please feel free to edit / add / delete based on your knowledge and experience with a given macro.

Note that some macros may fall into multiple categories. If so, just copy the macro entry into each category. For example, I copied two macros by @DanThomas from the “Keyboard Maestro Tools” category to the new “Palettes” category.

Thanks for your help.


Just added a new Category and a great macro by @mrpasini.


Just added this excellent macro by @gglick


Hey guys, I just added a new category for Windows. As a result I added some new macros and moved some others.

Please take a look at these, and if you have any really good macros for the Windows category please add them.

There are also a couple of great macros by @mrpasini that have been added.