Capture (region) with snagit and paste into application

I want to create a macro to capture (region) with snagit and paste into application.

  • for the region capture, should I simply tell the macro to type the hotkey, or is there a more elegant way.
  • after the capture, I want to open Evernote, and paste the capture into the current note. How should I tell the macro to wait for me to finish the capture before calling up evernote and pasting the image.
    thanks very much in advance

Hey Ronald,

Any special reason you want to use SnagIt to do the capture?

Keyboard Maestro has its own Screen Capture action.

It does not allow for manual selection of the area though, so one has to resort to the shell for that.

Search the forum for screencapture, and you'll find several threads.


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because snagit keeps it in a convenient library of photos. I can go directly to the editor, etc
thanks !

In case you also make normal screenshots, this is a nice macro that lets you set the destination folder for the screenshots :blush:

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This should do the trick. The key to pausing until the screen capture is complete is using the CLIPBOARDSEED() function.

##Macro Library   [SNAGIT] Capture User Selected Region & Paste to Evernote

<a class="attachment" href="/uploads/default/original/2X/3/38fc25947435d8f2918c082ab60e3d043416f79b.kmmacros">[SNAGIT] Capture User Selected Region & Paste to Evernote .kmmacros</a> (5.0 KB)




* Change the "Type a Keystroke" in magenta to use the SnagIT HotKey you have setup to activate screen capture.
* You can remove the "Alert" Action if you know you have Evernote Note ready for the paste BEFORE triggering the macro.


<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/8/861ee91616c22d58938653f0fc6bcfae59e87061.png" width="479" height="742">
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thank you very much.
excellent macros.
2 minor issues:

  • sometimes for reasons that are not clear, evernote is not activated after the capture (although it is one of the active apps)
  • it is a little bit cumbersome (minor issue) at the end. I click inside the body of the note, as you request, but then I have to click back in the macro dialog box, click on continue. Could the paste be activated as soon as I click inside the body of the note?
    thanks again very much

thank you. The editing features of snagit are very convenient.

In case you don't know, the Snagit editor has a "New from Clipboard" action. This may also be of use.