Click Button on Webpage and Repeat

I have a webpage that has a button with an image on it.

My task is simple:

  1. Click button on webpage in Chrome
  2. Move mouse slightly so next click is not in exactly the same button location (to avoid detection)
  3. Repeat until some criteria.

How would I go about doing this?

In order to help, we need a lot more details.

Please provide:

  1. Screen shot annotated to indicate the button to click, then where you want to move the mouse to next.
  2. URL or full HTML code (posted in a Code Block), of the target web page.

Please read:
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I've worked out how to click the button using Move and Click.


What I am trying to do is add a randomisation element to fields that currently show 1 & 1. I've tried putting rand and random in there but it then can't find the image.

How can I turn those 1's into a randomised number between say 1 and 10?

Easy. Just use the RAND function in the field where you have "1".

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Thanks. I know where I went wrong the first time. I used rand(5) instead of RAND(5).

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