Control where Palette is displayed when using "Show/Hide Macro Group" action

When using the "Show/Hide Macro Group" action > "Show/Hide palette", the palette is displayed wherever it was last positioned.

Is it possible to control where the palette is displayed? I'd like for it to always be displayed in the Front Window of the Front Application but can't get it to work. Any help is much appreciated, thanks!

(similar question here from 2019)

Here you can find a plug-in action to move a palette. I was very happy when I found it a few weeks ago.

You'll have to figure out where you want to move it via the front window position, of course.

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Thanks so much @devoy!

Scrolling down that thread I came across an Applescript I modified to suit my needs.

Just in case anyone stumbles across this in the future, I'm attaching the final macro here.

Reposition Palette to Front Window.kmmacros (9.0 KB)

Macro screenshot

I use it as subroutine after the "Show/Hide Macro Group" action. This macro determines the active screen (useful if you have 2 monitors), then positions it to the active screen. You'll need to customize this line in the "Move to Second Monitor" action to match wherever your second monitor is