Copy between macros

Is there a way to copy (Copy/Paste) between macros? I have a macro already built and I need to get some of it into another macro Im building.

Oh boy - this one bit me too and thanks to this forum I found out how to do it!

Now it's my turn to give back and help you.

Do this:

  1. Select the action(s) you want to copy
  2. Press Command-C
  3. Go to the other macro
  4. Select the action you want to paste after (or if it's an empty macro don't bother trying to select anything)
  5. Press Command-V
  6. Voila!

Note: you can't achieve this using menu commands in KM.

Brilliant! Thanks for paying it forward! I can't believe I didn't just try that. I was looking for a menu command :slight_smile:

There is a COPY menu command. It works just the macOS Copy everywhere. Select the thing you want to copy, then the menu Edit > Copy.

Though I don't know what anyone would want to do that versus the very simple keyboard shortcut, which is the same everywhere on the mac: ⌘C

Also, while you have one or more KM Actions selected, you can do any of these standard macOS commands:

  • ⌘X -- cut
  • ⌘D -- duplicate
  • OPT Drag to duplicate and copy to new location

You can also do some KM-specific copy commands:


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Just looked back at my very first post here (How to copy and paste actions from one macro to another?) and my problem was slightly different but the solution more or less the same. Sorry @Five18 for not being quite accurate re using menu commands!

A little bit of trivia,
⌘X -- cut uses X as it was originally eXcise long long ago.
Similarly moVe for paste.

Thanks for all the info! Very helpful :slight_smile:

Curious. I've never heard of that, and there is no mention of it here:
Cut, copy, and paste - Wikipedia

My guess is that the shortcut keys (X C V) were largely chosen for their ease of typing/reach, since all three are grouped at the bottom left of the keyboard, which makes it easy to reach in combination with the CMD (or CNTL) key.

Just my 2¢.

Long ago when I was first learning computers I was taught (as a mnemonic) to remember V as Velcro (Paste).